Beach holidays with kids

With summer in full swing and school holidays fast approaching we thought it might be a good idea to put together the ultimate baby checklist for those of you that are planning a beach holiday, here in the UK or travelling aboard.

Your first holiday with a baby can seem a bit overwhelming, which is why having a baby checklist at hand will bring much needed peace of mind, letting you focus on more pressing matters: like having fun!

Keep reading for our family beach holiday packing checklist...

1. Blankets

You will need blankets for sleeping, beach blankets and if you prefer to cover during breastfeeding.

For sleeping we recommend light organic cotton blankets which breathe and allow baby to sleep comfortably in the warm weather.

For the beach, thicker organic cotton baby blankets are better to keep the sand away. 

2. Swimwear

Keep baby comfortable in and out of the water with our cute swimwear. Available from 0-8 years old. 

3. Summer Outfits

Cool comfy clothes to keep your little one happy in the heat. Dresses, dungarees and rompers are easy to get them in and out of.

4. Sun Protection

Hats to protect little heads from the sun.

5. Pyjamas

Pyjamas or bath robes for the car ride home from the beach. Once your little one is towelled off, we recommend warm and comfortable organic cotton pyjamas for the air-conditioned journey home, like this one, recently selected as a top pick for organic cotton from Independent Online.


Other beach essentials on our family beach holiday packing list include: 

  • Snacks and water
  • An umbrella
  • First aid kit
  • Sunscreen
  • Baby powder (to help get the sand off your little one before they jump in the car)
  • Swim nappies
  • Beach toys (to keep them entertained for a day at the beach)


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With love,
Newbie x