Mother’s Day Card Making

Mother’s Day Card Making

Monday 25th – Sunday 31st 

With Mother’s Day on Sunday 31st March, Newbie invites you and your little ones into stores for Mother’s Day Card Making. You can choose to decorate them how you wish and even get a Polaroid of you to put on it.  Our blossom trees in store will be decorated with cards and polaroid’s so you can tell everybody how much you love your mum!
In addition to this we wanted to share our favourite crafty activity to do with kids, perfect for spring time….

How to Make an Egg Carton Bouquet:

What You’ll Need

  • Medium Sized Tin Can
  • Egg Cartons
  • Bright pink and purple paint for the egg cartons, blue and yellow for the popsicle sticks
  • lollypop Sticks
  • Yellow Buttons
  • Neon Green Pipe cleaners
  • Large yellow ribbon
  • Green paper filler
  • Glue Dots 


    • Cut out your egg cartons. You may need to round the edges when cutting so that they look more like petals.
    • Paint your egg cartons. We made 5 flowers so you’ll need 5 egg cartons painted pink and 5 purple.  Once dry, make a hole in the bottom of the egg carton with a pencil or pen.
    • Place the pink egg carton each purple one. Put some glue on the inside of the purple egg carton and then put the pink one on top.
    • Fold over your pipe cleaner so that the folded part is at the bottom of the stem of the flower. Then push the top 2 pieces through the egg carton holes. Twist the pipe cleaner all the way down so that the two halves come together and make the pipe cleaner stem stronger.
    • Glue your button on top of the pipe cleaner in the center of the egg carton. Twist the pipe cleaner a bit before gluing the button down. Using hot glue here will help keep the flower together (adults only should do this part).
    • Now make your tin can! Paint some lollypop sticks in two different colours. We liked blue and yellow. We used glue dots to glue them to the can. These are perfect and easy for kids to use!
    • Finish your can off with a large or small piece of ribbon tied around it.