Newbie’s Top Tips for a Sustainable New Year

With an exciting new year ahead, we thought it would be a great idea to list a few of our Top Tips for a more Sustainable New Year! With an ever growing concern for our planet, if every house hold made small changes it can all help.

Commit to not using any disposable cups or plastic bottles, the best way to do this is too make sure you bring your ‘keep cup’ or your reusable bottle everywhere, rather than using ‘single use’. There’s never been a better time to take action and prevent millions of bottles and cups going into landfill and destroying our planet.

Cut down on travel, why not drive less and use alternative means of transport? For example, maybe walk, bike, or use public transport to get you from A to B, small changes can make huge differences.

Take your own bag to the supermarket or when you’re out shopping, not only could it save you money (those 5p's can defiantly add up), it also helps save the planet one bag at a time.

Make ethical fashion choices, you could either buy second hand from a charity shop? Buy sustainably and ethically sourced clothes. Or why not arrange a clothes swap with your closest friends and family, this could create an entire new wardrobe without spending any money!

Cut back on your meat in the New Year, there is growing evidence that meat consumption is straining our planet, why not try and make some small changes such as a meat free Monday?

Cook from scratch, your health, your wallet and your environment will be very thankful. Processed food create huge problems for our plant, buying local and batch cooking can be a lot more sustainable. Don’t fear if you aren’t a very good cook, you can use a cookbook and get the whole family involved at the weekend 

    We hope you join us in striving for a more Sustainable New Year!

    With Love, From Newbie x