Sustainable washing tips

We have put together our top 6 tips for washing more sustainably - the NEWBIE way.

NO TUMBLE DRYING- As easy as it is to throw our wet clothes into the tumble dryer, air-drying clothes saves money and also helps clothes to last longer.

ENERGY- Reduce the number of loads each week, wash with cold water where possible and wash at lower temperatures (30 °C) to reduce energy consumption.

WASHING- Instead of half loads, wait until there’s enough clothing to do a full load of washing to be more energy efficient.

BIODEGRADABILITY - Try to use natural detergents and washing products as these are less harmful to the environment and tend to contain biodegradable plant-based ingredients.

IMPACT- Recycling washing detergent packaging will help to reduce landfill and means that we’re doing our part to be more environmentally conscious.

ETHICAL- 25% of fashion’s carbon footprint can be attributed to washing clothes. Airing worn clothes helps to keep them fresher for longer without having to wash them and reduces our carbon footprint.