The ultimate guide for dealing with kids at weddings. Royal or otherwise.

There’s a big question online, should you invite kids to weddings? With the Royal wedding just days away, we’re sharing some of our top tips to manage kids at weddings if you are planning a wedding or going to one this summer.

How can you keep your kids busy at a wedding?
  1. Bubbles are always a winner with little ones. You can buy a little pot of bubbles to keep them entertained on the big day without making any noise or mess! You might even find the adults getting involved too.
  2. Give your kids a disposable camera with a little “I Spy” game to play. Include a checklist of cute poses which your child can capture themselves (and you can keep the images too). Some ideas to include on the list are: a heart made with hands, a cute couple, laughter, a hug and of course the bride and groom together
  3. Buy or create a wedding-themed sticker book. Your little ones will love decorating the wedding dress or the bride’s hair with cute and colourful stickers – plus you don’t need to worry about crayons getting on the tablecloth.
What should your kids wear to a wedding?
Children’s wedding outfits can be a tricky one to put together. For little girls, floral and lace dresses are always sweet and for little boys we love pinstripe waistcoats and cute bow-ties. Our top tip is to layer up, bring a cardigan or jacket in your bag and don’t forget a sun hat to keep little heads safe from the sun.