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Our Sustainability Labelling

Organic Cotton
All cotton we use for Newbie is organically grown and main part is certified according to GOTS standards, all marked on the label with GOTS logo. Organic cotton is grown entirely without chemical pesticides, artificial fertilizer or genetically modified seeds, which results in better soil quality, greater biodiversity and balanced ecosystems. The organic quality of the cotton is assured by independent inspections according to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) or Organic Content Standard (OCS). Garments that are GOTScertified bear the GOTS symbol on the garment label.

Sometimes we mix organic cotton with other fibres to create an Organic Cotton Blend. The resulting garment is then composed of a combination of organic cotton and other fibres, but never conventionally farmed cotton.


Tencel™ or lyocell, which is the name of the fibre itself, is made from wood cellulose from more sustainably managed forests. Tencel™ is made in a closed-loop system, which requires less water and fewer chemicals. Moreover, the fibres are 100% biodegradable.


Ecovero™ is a more sustainable alternative to standard viscose. Ecovero™, like viscose, is made from wood pulp, but always sourced from more sustainable managed forests, and using methods that require less water and fewer chemicals.


Recycled Polyester
Recycled polyester is made from PET bottles and scraps and by-products from the manufacturing industry, as opposed to conventional polyester which is made from oil. Making recycled material is less resource-intensive than producing material from scratch, which is why it reduces pollution and energy consumption. It also reduces the volume of waste. Our Recycled Polyester-labelled garments contain at least 50 percent recycled material.


Recycled Polaymide
The raw material source for recycled polyamide can be old fishing nets and carpets, and alsowaste from the manufacturing industry. Materials that would otherwise be scrapped are used, which saves the planet’s precious resources and contributes to reduced emissions. Our Recycled Polyamide-labelled garments contain at least 50 percent recycled material.


Polylana® – Recycled Fibers
Polylana® is an innovative synthetic fibre made from a mixture of new and recycled polyester. It has the same feel and properties as acrylic, but is a more sustainable option for knitwear. The Polylana® fibres consist of 55% recycled polyester.


More Sustainable Denim
More sustainable jeans and other denim garments are made from organic cotton. The prewash treatments for these denims are also more sustainable. The prewash process in More Sustainable Denim involves far fewer chemicals, about half as much water and almost 30 per cent less energy, as compared with conventional denim manufacturing.


Waterborne PU
PU stands for polyurethane, and is a shiny coating used for faux leather and rainwear. Waterborne PU contains no chemicals harmful to human health or the environment.


Responsible Wool Standard
Responsible Wool Standard is an independent international standard guaranteeing that the wool has been sourced from farms where both the sheep and the land they graze on are treated responsibly, and that the wool has been processed sustainably throughout the production chain.


Eco Nordic Label
Nordic Ecolabel is the official Nordic environmental labeling. The label takes into account the environmental impact of the product throughout the whole life cycle, from raw material to waste. There are also requirements for function and quality.

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