We care about the animals

Our commitment to protecting the rights of people affected by our business also extends to animal rights protection. Kappahl works actively to ensure that products containing leather, feathers, wool or other animal materials do not come from animals that are mistreated or under threat of extinction.

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This means that:

    - We do not sell products containing fur, angora wool or cashmere.
    - We only use mohair from Responsible Mohair Standard (RMS)-certified farmers
    - We do not accept mulesing, which is a practice in wool production where an area around the sheep’s tail is cut away to prevent flystrike. Nor do we accept the clips that are used as an alternative to mulesing.
    - All items made from animal hide are by-products of the meat industry and come from cattle, buffalo, sheep, goats and pigs. No animal is killed solely for its hide.
    - We never use down plucked from live birds. Instead, we buy down and feathers that are by-products of meat production.
    - We do not permit animal testing.

Kappahl’s values way of working with animal welfare is based on our collaboration with the Swedish Trade Federation and their animal welfare policy.

Kappahl is listed on the Animal Rights Fur Free List, under the Fur Free Retailer Program, an international alliance in which companies guarantee that they do not sell garments or accessories made with animal fur.

For those of you who want to avoid materials of animal origin, shopping at Kappahl is easy – because we always state the materials our products contain.