Baby Blankets & Muslin Cloths

Wrap your little newbie in cosy newborn blankets in adorable prints. Our baby muslin cloths and quilts are perfect as gifts, for the crib and pram rides.

Baby Blankets & Muslin Cloths

Is there anything dreamier than the thought of wrapping a precious newborn in a warm, snuggly cocoon of love and comfort?

Baby blankets are the epitome of protection, offering a sense of security and warmth that no other item can match. These blankets are designed to be soft, gentle and comforting. They can be used as a burp cloth, a nursing cover, a lightweight blanket, or a cute accessory in the nursery or pram.

A muslin cloth, also known as a muslin wrap or muslin swaddle, is a type of blanket made of super soft, lightweight and breathable cotton fabric that is often used to swaddle newborn babies. Muslin cloths are gentle and comfortable, making them ideal for wrapping tiny little ones in a snug and secure manner. Muslin cloths are also very absorbent, so they can be used to wipe up spills or clean up messes.

Choose a woven patterned quilt with beautiful flower or fluffy animal motifs, or a knitted solid colour one to match all your and your baby's needs. Whether they are swaddled up tight or simply snuggled in, newborn blankets offer a sense of security that helps to soothe and calm little ones. And remember, from the moment the little one enters this world; Newbie is here to provide cuteness, comfort and warmth.