Kids Leggings

Enhanced with delicate lace and frills for a touch of charm and crafted for durability, our girls and boys leggings and stretch pants guarantee freedom during playtime.

Kids & Toddlers Leggings

Enhance your little one's wardrobe with our captivating collection of kids' leggings, meticulously crafted to infuse a blend of style and comfort. For your trendsetting girls, delve into our exquisite range of leggings adorned with delicate lace and charming frills, creating enchanting ensembles that mirror their distinctive style. For your little boy, durability and flexibility, ensuring your little adventurers can engage in play with both freedom and trendsetting flair.

Experience the delight of dressing your toddlers in our charming soft tighs, designed with their utmost comfort in mind. Our versatile kids' pedal pushers are a wonderful addition, allowing your youngsters to explore and play with effortless ease. Feel the snug warmth of jeggings featuring a brushed interior, perfect for keeping your children cosy on chilly days. Whether it's playdates or family outings, our stretch pants cater to every occasion, ensuring your kids are not only stylish but also comfortably attired.

Let your child's individuality shine through with our diverse selection of patterns and colours, transforming the act of dressing up into an exciting adventure. From playful patterns to classic solids, our leggings collection ensures a flawless fit for every little trendsetter. Embark on a journey into the world of Newbie, where fashion seamlessly intertwines with functionality for the most delightful and stylish playtime.