Baby Tops & Shirts

Four reasons why you might choose a baby top over a bodysuit:

  • Easier to dress and undress: Baby t-shirts are typically easier to put on and take off than bodysuits, which require snapping and unsnapping at the nappy. This can be helpful if you need to change your newborn quickly or frequently.
  • More versatile: A top can be worn with all kinds of baby bottoms, such as leggings or bloomers, whereas a bodysuit can only be worn with bottoms that fit over it. This gives you more options for dressing your little one and creating different outfits. A baby blouse or newborn shirt, featuring cute embroidery, and delicate lace, is perfect for formal occasions.
  • Better for warmer weather: In hot weather, a bodysuit can be too warm and restrictive, whereas a t-shirt is lighter and more breathable.
  • More comfortable for older babies: As babies get older and more active, they may find bodysuits to be too confining. A t-shirt or top allows for more freedom of movement and may be more comfortable for active babies.

That being said, bodysuits can be great for keeping nappies in place and preventing them from riding up, especially for younger babies. Ultimately, the choice between a t-shirt or top and a bodysuit comes down to personal preference and the specific needs of your little darling.