Baby Jackets & Coats

Chase the chills away with adorable baby pramsuits & newborn snowsuits. Our dreamy designs will warm your heart and keep your little one snug.

Baby Jackets & Coats

There are many types of outerwear that are perfect for keeping babies warm during the colder months. When choosing a baby jacket or coat, it is essential to consider the material, size, and style. Make sure to choose a model that is comfortable, warm, and fits your little one well.

When the temperature drops, a baby winter coat that features thicker insulation, or a tiny puffer jacket filled with down or synthetic fibers, are ideal. You can also invest in a newborn snowsuit for your little darling, which is a one-piece suit that covers the entire body, including the hands and feet. These garments are typically made of insulated material and often come with a hood for added warmth and protection. Newborn snowsuits are perfect for babies in their first few months of life, while older babies may prefer a more functional overall.

For parents who prefer a more flexible option, the fleece baby grow or fleece onesie is an excellent choice. These one-piece suits cover the entire body, similar to a snowsuit, but are typically made of lighter materials like fleece. We also offer fluffy teddy jackets with ears, providing babies with the comfort they need to stay warm and snug. These playful pieces can be matched with a pair of cute animal-themed booties, hats, pram gloves or mittens for a complete look. For babies who spend a lot of time in a pram or stroller, a warm newborn pramsuit is a must-have item, designed to fit over regular clothing and provide added warmth when out and about. They often feature zip-up fronts and removable hoods, making them easy to use and versatile.

At Newbie, we are known for our adorable jackets with hand drawn prints, some with water repellent outer fabric with fluorocarbon free impregnation. So many options available, finding the perfect little jacket or coat is easy, and your darling will be sure to stay warm, comfy and cute.

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