Baby Mittens

Explore our soft newborn scratch mittens and baby gloves for winter, snug as a winter's hug. From delightful baby hat & mitten sets to knitted wonders.

Baby Mittens

Oh, the delicate little hands of a newborn baby! As soft as a cloud and as tiny as a butterfly's wing. But as much as we adore them, those tiny hands can also cause a bit of trouble. They can be prone to scratching and can get chilly easily, but fear not for the solution to these problems lies in adorable little baby mittens and gloves. Our scratch mittens cradle your baby's delicate hands, protecting them from scratching. For those crisp winter days, knitted or lined ones for winter are like snug blankets for the hands. Soft and cosy, they provide the warmth your little darling needs to enjoy the season's wonders.

But why stop at mittens alone? Our baby hat and mitten sets are complete ensembles of winter magic. Adorned with charming floral or animal patterns and knitted with care, they make your baby's outfit as captivating as a Christmas tale. And there's more - gloves for those who are just a bit older and eager to join the snowy adventures. Our gloves are crafted to perfection, ensuring your child's hands stay toasty and ready for play.

But the magic doesn't end there. At Newbie we believe in creating enchanting outfits from head to toe. Match our gloves with our other accessories and clothes to make your child the star of the season. Imagine them wrapped in a cosy scarf, wearing matching mittens and a hat, ready to build snowmen and make snow angels.

As you embark on this wintery journey, let tiny accessories be your companions. They are not just accessories; they are the key to warm, memorable moments in the snow.

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