Newbie Wallpaper

Newbie & Boråstapeter: Charming wallpapers with hand-drawn patterns in three unique themes—forest friends, flower garden, & my first room. Elevate your nursery today!

Newbie Wallpaper & Wall covering

Newbie has partnered with Boråstapeter, the renowned Swedish wallpaper house, to craft a delightful assortment of hand-drawn patterns, ideal for children's spaces. Enhance your child's bedroom or any area of your home with these timeless designs. Explore and purchase samples and wallpaper from a choice of four distinct themes.

Discover our extensive range, including kids, nursery, baby room, and kids room wall covering. Bring the jungle to life with jungle-themed nursery decor and wallpapers with adorable animal prints, and soothing forest scenes, or infuse your surroundings with the whimsy of woodland-themed nursery wall covering. let your child be enchanted by exciting foxes, beautiful deer and fluffy bears.

For a touch of sophistication, explore our floral wallpapers, featuring vintage-style, rose-patterned, and pink floral designs. Alternatively, achieve a timeless look with neutral nursery wall covering.

Elevate your nursery with boho-inspired elements, such as hot air balloon and whales wallpaper. Transform your space into a beautiful and cohesive nursery with Newbie's carefully curated collection, catering to various themes and styles, ensuring your surroundings are adorned with charm and creativity.