About Us

Here, you can explore information about us as a brand and delve into our rich history.

Welcome to the world of Newbie

Newbie is a lifestyle brand for the little ones we love. Discover clothing in Swedish design, made to last. When you glimpse the door to Newbie, a magic beautiful world of your most cherished moments come to light. A world where beauty is more than what meets the eye.

We believe that every time a Newbie garment is worn by a child, tender memories spring to life. Those first wobbly steps. When the tooth fairy came to visit. Memories you want to save like treasures for generations to come. All those memories are woven into the Newbie pieces hanging in your closet like timeless milestones. Ready for new memories to be made by little sisters and brothers.


Our design philosophy

In the Newbie world we create design made to last. Formed with much passion and care. Passion in each beautiful print drawn by hand. In every seam and delicate detail. With caring comfort for the children who will wear it.

Newbie’s soft colour palette is inspired by nature and coordinates collections from season to season. With care in every step we take. One example of this is our limited collection “Rescued fabrics”. Garments made from fabric remnants that are left over from earlier Newbie collections, ready to be loved again. We exist to make the future beautiful for generations to come.


Hej, I'm Newbie

I was born in Gothenburg, Sweden in 2010 as a family member of the Kappahl Group, Newbie has quickly grown thanks to our community of ‘Newbie Lovers’: mums, dads, grandparents and friends who have helped to shape who we are today and to spread the Newbie word far and wide.

The popularity of Newbie and huge demand for the products led to the opening of our first standalone store in Stockholm in 2014. Today, we have 25 stores across Europe, including in UKSweden, Norway, Finland and Poland.


Our story

Newbie is a Swedish lifestyle brand for the little ones we love. Established in 2010 with sustainability close to our heart and with the promise of a nostalgic style of design that’s made to last. A full range wardrobe for children 0–8 years with beautiful, comfy pieces for both everyday wear and festive occasions. Timeless design, delightful patterns and soft colours in a palette close to nature’s very own shades.

Newbie garments are designed for a coordinated look with siblings and made to be inherited, passed on from child to child. Longevity at its best. And, as we love the idea of matching between generations, we also offer a Newbie Woman range.The Newbie world also contains adorable interior design details for the children’s room. Bedding, storage boxes and toys. Perfect for transforming the room into beautiful fairy-tale settings. So many treasures to love.