Baby Clothes

Our baby clothing ranges from sizes 0 to 18 months. Explore newborn clothes, neutral unisex baby pieces, and garments for tiny girls and boys.

Newborn Baby Clothes

We are a Swedish brand offering baby clothes in sizes ranging from 0 to 18 months (44-86), designed for newborns and infants alike. We also offer cute premature baby clothes ranging from 0-1 month (5lb-8lb).

When one is shopping for newborn clothing, it's essential to consider factors such as design, practicality, and materials. Newborns grow quickly, so it's wise to select garments that can be easily adjusted as they develop. At Newbie, we offer a double row of popper buttons in the gusset on many of our bodysuits, providing room for growth. We also place great emphasis on material selection so that you, as a parent, feel you're making the right choice for your little darling. This applies to both durability and safety. Read more about our sustainability efforts here.

For older babies who are crawling and walking, durable clothing that can withstand wear, tear, and frequent washing is preferred. We achieve this through design and rigorous testing.

Explore our selection of tiny baby clothes, featuring styles ranging from cute and playful to classic and timeless. At Newbie we offer newborn clothes in neutral colors and unisex options, clothes that can be worn regardless of gender. However, for those who want to dress their baby girls in adorable floral patterns and bright colors, or their baby boys in soft, slightly darker hues and animal prints, you've come to the right place.