Bringing home your newborn

We’re exploring baby homecoming tips and tricks.

You’ve probably heard that a newborn’s first week can be an overwhelming one for new parents. Royal or not, each new born baby and their parents should receive the royal baby treatment so we’ve created a simple checklist for new parents as well as for friends and family to help them through those first few days. 

Tips for new parents

1. Travel home safe from the hospital with a car seat ready to transport your baby home (unless you are planning on walking home from the hospital)

2. Try not to panic! Your midwife will be available to help you with the first few days for feeding, bathing, nappies, cord care and advising on reducing the risk of SIDS

3. Keep it simple at home, you need to recover from the birth, both physically and emotionally, so keep tasks simple

4. Cuddle with your little one and get lots of skin-on-skin contact to help you both bond and relax

5. Rest whenever you can and ask for help from friends and family for bits like the weekly shop, making meals and babysitting

Tips for friends and family

1. Offer to help the new parents by bringing over a food shop or prepare some yummy, healthy meals so they don’t need to worry about cooking in their first few days

2. Offer to come over to babysit for a couple of hours so that new mum and dad can have a little rest

3. Don’t be offended if they ask you to come another time. New babies and parents can feel exhausted and overwhelmed with lots of visitors during their special time

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