Celebrate Midsummer with Newbie

Apart from Christmas, midsummer is the most important holiday in the Swedish calendar.

Typically, midsummer consists of a never-ending lunch party involving flowers in your hair, dancing around a maypole, singing songs while drinking unsweetened, flavoured schnapps. In terms of what you will find on your plate.. it’ll be lots of pickled herring served with delightful new potatoes, chives and sour cream. All in all, a grand day out!

From Kew Midsummer Fete to  Canary Wharf’s Midsummer Festival you’ll find plenty of midsummer celebrations across London this year but why not pop down to one of our four stores to see how we celebrate midsummer at Newbie! Or if you’re passing by… Newbie on Tour has arrived in Milton Keynes and will be celebrating with traditional Swedish lawn games and fika, to face painting, flower crown making and sing-and-sign classes, we’re welcoming the whole family to join us and enjoy what’s on offer.