Make your kids lunch boxes more sustainable

Here at Newbie, we strive to make conscious decisions in all aspects of our production however we know how difficult living sustainably with little ones can be sometimes.  

Lunch boxes are often filled with waste, plastic and non-recyclable products so we thought we’d share a few easy steps to help combat this!

One: Skip individually wrapped food.

Skip individually wrapped food. Not only is processed food often less healthy for your child, it also contributes heavily to landfill and overall global pollution.

Two: Buy locally.

Buy foods which a locally grown. Choosing to buy locally helps supports your locally community. In addition, it cuts down the distance in which your food has to travel, reducing your overall carbon footprint.

Three: Pack a refillable water bottle.

Using a refillable water bottle is a much healthier, sustainable and eco-friendly option for the environment.

Four: Use reusable sandwich bags and containers.

There is no need for single use plastic sandwich bags , rather use reusable lunch containers, many which are available on the high-street.

Beeswax wraps are also a great alternative - Simply use the warmth of your hands to form Bee's Wrap over the top of product. The wrap will hold its shape when it cools, creating a seal. Wash with cool water and gentle soap, and reuse.

Five: Think seasonally!

Buying seasonally is often more cost-effective and also goes in partnership with buying locally, helping to reduce your carbon footprint because you aren’t buying produce which have travelled from far away. This can also be a way to keep your child interested in new and different foods too!

Six: Make sure to compost.

If your child’s school doesn’t have its own composting system and at home you do, it’s a great idea to encourage your child to bring home left over foods which are compostable.