Mobile Making with Newbie

Baby mobiles are classical. They complete the nursery and serve as symbols for everything baby-related. At Newbie we think that a mobile is one of the first things anyone thinks of buying either as a parent or as someone who is about to welcome a baby into the world.

If you want the mobile to have a meaningful design or a story behind it, consider crafting it yourself. A DIY baby mobile can make a wonderful gift or a great project for expecting parents!

Following the launch of Newbie’s bedtime stories collection we have pulled a quick guide to making you very own mobile.

What You Need:

– Scrapbook or other decorative paper, why not try one of our Newbie wallpaper samples

– Embroidery hoop

– Scissors

– String

– Glue stick


- Pick out several pieces of decorative paper or card. Try to choose pieces that have a similar colour scheme to keep your finished mobile looking cohesive

- Take your paper and cut into shapes that you want to be on your mobile, why not try stars, triangles or clouds?

- Take your string and cut to different lengths – don’t feel like you have to measure anything! Cut some short ones, some long ones, and some medium ones. Tie your strings in a knot at the top and tie to the embroidery hoop about 1/3 of the way down – you can change the length of this depending how you want the mobile to hang. Leave the remainder of the string to hang down

- Take your glue and stick two triangles (or any shape you chose) together, with the string running through the middle. That way, no matter which way the mobile turns, all the shapes will be double-sided and look professionally finished

- Once all shapes are glued together – you’re done!