Swedish Easter Traditions

Curious about how Swedes celebrate Easter? Well, it's a bit different from the UK! In Sweden, as a secular country, Easter is primarily about embracing the first long weekend of spring with open arms rather than focusing on the religious aspect. Now, let's spill the jelly beans on some of our favorite Swedish Easter traditions! And for Swedes, Easter is like a sweet symphony of treats, bunnies, and eggs! 🐣🍭

1. Easter Egg Hunt

Enjoy an exciting egg hunt at home by adding a touch of creativity to your hiding spots. Think about places like inside a cereal box or behind the sofa, especially if you have limited garden space. When your little one finds their treasure, delightful treats or Easter gifts await!

2. Easter Witches (Påskkärringar)

On Maundy Thursday, children dress up as Easter witches and go door-to-door, exchanging drawings and paintings for sweets. This tradition is similar to Halloween in some countries.

3. Easter Fire (Påskbrasa)

Lighting bonfires during Easter is a tradition in some parts of Sweden. It is believed to ward off evil spirits and welcome the arrival of spring.

4. Egg Rolling

Egg rolling is a traditional Swedish Easter game, reminiscent of a game played in the UK and Scotland. Yet, the Swedish version adds an egg-citing twist. Instead of rolling eggs down a hill, participants use roofing tiles for the rolling. The winner is the person whose egg remains unbroken. It adds an extra layer of excitement to the Easter festivities!

5. Decorating Eggs

Swedes also enjoy decorating eggs, similar to many other cultures. These eggs are often filled with candy and used for Easter egg hunts.

6. Feathered Twigs

If you find yourself invited to a Swedish lunch at a summer house, you might be curious about the Easter decorations such as vases filled with bunches of twigs adorned with feathers. In reality, Swedes have been decorating small birch tree branches like this since the 1800s. Initially serving as a reminder of Christ’s suffering, children would pretend to lash each other with them on Good Friday. Nowadays, the feathers are often brightly colored and typically stay on the table as a decorative element.

Some more ideas for Easter activities:

2. Unleash your creativity by crafting an Easter bonnet!

Gather your craft supplies and spend some quality time creating a beautiful Easter bonnet for your kids to proudly showcase around the house. Consider adding a springy touch with pipe cleaners. Explore a variety of Easter toppers available on sites like Hobbycraft to elevate your bonnets to the next level.

3. Get Planting

Embrace the arrival of spring with some family flower planting this Easter. Don't let the absence of a garden deter you; numerous plants thrive indoors, making it an enjoyable and accessible activity for everyone.

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Happy Easter, Love,
Newbie x