The top tips to get the best pictures of your little one

We recently teamed up with newborn and baby photographer Diana Pavlova for a mini photo shoot in our Kings Road pop up store.

Diana adopts a fun and loving approach to photography, creating gorgeous portraits with the sweetest baby expressions. Each day with our little babies is so special and brings so much joy. Each moment is so precious and worth capturing so we can look back on the memories which are so dear to us for years to come. Diana knows that every mum loves owning beautiful pictures of her babies, which is why she kindly shared her top tips on how to get the best images of your little ones.


What they see is what you’ll get.

When capturing smiley portraits of your baby, make sure you are constantly engaging with them, smiling at them and making funny sounds that they will respond to. Simply pointing a camera / phone at them and clicking on the shutter may lead to them quickly losing interest and looking the other way.

Safety first

Whatever the shot, always make sure that you are at an arm’s length distance from your baby, or your husband/nanny/a grandparent is just outside the frame next to your baby. Do not underestimate how quick little ones can be, as soon as they become mobile. This is particularly true when you are photographing a crawling baby on a bed. Also, mind any sharp edges and objects – for example if you decide to pose your baby in a crate.

Be flexible

You might have seen something on Instagram or Pinterest which you are so excited to recreate for your baby as these are amazing sources of inspiration, but be mindful though as sometimes your baby might not “play along” and do what the baby in the Pinterest picture is doing. What you may find though is that your baby surprises you do something different, something even cuter than your original idea! Keen an open mind and always watch out for signals that your baby has had enough.

Forget the props

Adding many props to the shot will not make your picture “more professional”. If anything, it’s quite the opposite – props can distract from your baby’s beautiful face. Also, especially if the prop is something your baby can hold and takes interest in, you may struggle to get them looking up from the prop for quite a while. In photography, as in so many other things, less is more!

Consider the background

It may sound obvious, but be careful about background objects. Piles of washing or toys scattered around do not make the most elegant portrait. Taking a second to move those bits out of the frame may make all the difference in your pictures.

And finally… Print your pictures

I know life is really, really busy, but make sure you print your favourite pictures regularly. Our phones are so easily filled up with 6000+ pictures that it can get hard to find your absolute favourites easily. Having your treasured shots displayed on your walls will be your daily reminder of just how lucky you are to have such a beautiful little baby in your life.

Diana Pavlova Photography offers a great range of maternity, newborn, baby and family shoots so if you would like to find out more about her services get in touch!

+44 751 3344088