FAQ Wallpaper

In a unique collaboration with Boråstapeter we have created a collection of wallpaper for the little ones. 32 wallpapers with 15 dreamy patterns, that take us on a trip through Newbie’s 10-year-old saga. Every pattern is carefully handcrafted. Let the fairy tale begin in your children’s room, with enchanting walls that talk.

The wallpapers can only be ordered online. They can also be purchased as a sample in 210mm x 297mm. We offer free shipping for all wallpaper samples. Give discount code SAMPLEWP at check-out. You find all samples here


  • - Created in Sweden
  • - Water based coloring
  • - CE labeled
  • - Wrapped in recycled material
  • - PVC free
  • - Contains no dangerous substances that can affect the environment in the room
  • - Leftover material goes to district heating in Borås



What material is used?

All Newbie wallpaper is created in nonwoven material that in a mix of cellulose and polyester. There are also wallpaper that in fabricated by paper, vinyl, textiles, among other materials.

What is Easyup?

Easyup is a patented trademark from Boråstapeter that has certain charracteristics:

  • - They are always mounted edge to edge
  • - It is always rolled in the same direction as you mount it
  • - You always glue on the wall
  • - Does not let through dark colors from the underlying surface

    What glue do I need?

    Use glue for nonwoven only

    How do you count the number of rolls?

    You need to know the length and width of your walls that you fill in under the "How many rolls" tab on the product page. You can also go to Borastapeter and use the wallpaper calculator to calculate how many rolls you need.

    Do you have to paint before wallpaper?

    No, none of our wallpapers require painting before. All our wallpaper covers the underlying surface regardless of color. 

    Can you wallpaper a light wallpaper over a dark?

    Yes, all of our wallpapers have enough opacity to cover a dark patterned wallpaper without looking through.

    What data can you tap on?

    The basic rule is that the substrate should always be dry, even and well anchored

    What tools are useful?

    • - Folding rule
    • - Spirit-level
    • - Roll
    • - Brush
    • - Wallpaper scrape
    • - Scissors
    • - Wallpaper knife
    • - Sponge
    • - Bowl with water


      Read our guide on borastapeter.se How to wallpapers - 8 easy steps 

      What is a Non-woven wallpaper?

      Non-woven is a wallpaper of paper with polyester fiber elements that makes it wet and not swelling. You can then glue directly to the wall and put the wallpaper directly edge-to-edge. 


      Where can I buy the wallpapers?

      Here at newbiestore.com of course! Boråstapeter also has several retailers in UK, you can find the dealers here.

      How do I return my wallpaper if I have a change of hart?

      To return unwanted items purchased at newbiestore.com you need to go through these simple steps:

      1. - See to that the items have their original labels intact, are unused, and in their original condition.
      2. - All goods returned must be packed in a bag or carton. If possible use the original packaging.
      3. - Sending items is free of charge when using our prepaid return label.

      Read our full return policy for all relevant information you need.