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FAQ wallpaper

How do you count the number of rolls?

You need to know the length and width of your walls that you fill in under the "How many rolls" tab on the product page. You can also go to Borastapeter and use the wallpaper calculator to calculate how many rolls you need.

Do you have to paint before wallpaper?

No, none of our wallpapers require painting before. All our wallpaper covers the underlying surface regardless of color. 

Can you wallpaper a light wallpaper over a dark?

Yes, all of our wallpapers have enough opacity to cover a dark patterned wallpaper without looking through.

What data can you tap on?

The basic rule is that the substrate should always be dry, even and well anchored

What tools do I need when I tap?

You need:1 Sponge2. Water pass or solder3. Brush4. Wallpaper tool5. Sax6. Sharp roll7. Tumstock8. Roller9. wallpaper knife


Read our guide on How to wallpapers - 8 easy steps 

What is a Non-woven wallpaper?

Non-woven is a wallpaper of paper with polyester fiber elements that makes it wet and not swelling. You can then glue directly to the wall and put the wallpaper directly edge-to-edge. 

Are the wallpapers in the collection Newbie limited limited edition EasyUp and what is meant by EasyUp?

Yes, all the wallpapers in the collection are EasyUp, which means you glue directly to the wall and then put the wallpaper. You get nice joints because you put the wallpaper edge to edge instead of an overlap. With Easy-up, it also means that the wallpaper has enough opacity to cover over an old wallpaper as a substrate without the pattern or color being visible.

Where can I buy the wallpapers?

Here at of course! Boråstapeter also has several retailers in UK, you can find the dealers here.

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