Safe products

Safety is a priority for us. Our clothes must not pose any risks – for those who either wear them or manufacture them.

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We apply strict requirements regarding quality, chemicals-use and child safety. We also want you to be confident that our products are safe and for all who come into contact with them, all the way from fibre to wardrobe.

Our chemicals requirements are explained in more detail here, and our requirements on suppliers here. We have employees on-site in our manufacturing countries, who work to ensure that all suppliers comply with our strict requirements, and that those who sew our clothes work in a safe environment.

Carefully assessed children’s products

Our children’s clothes are safe to wear and are subjected to risk assessment. We comply with product safety legislation, all the way from design to production, with extra tests, for example, of buttons, chemicals and materials.

Every children’s product is subjected to testing for potential or hidden risks in the form of loose or sharp parts, cords or drawstrings. Our outdoor clothing for children has detachable hoods to minimise the risk if the hood catches on something.

What happens to non-compliant products?

If, in spite of all the product safety measures, any product proves unsafe, we will withdraw it from our stores and urge customers to return it.

If the products fail to comply with our health, safety or environment standards, they will be incinerated to ensure that they cause no harm to human health or the environment.

Products with minor defects, for example different sleeve lengths or the wrong print, will be sent for recycling whenever possible.

Have you found a defect in any of our products?

We will work to rectify the problem as soon as possible, and are grateful if you contact us to describe the problem, either in one of our stores or via our customer service.