5 Den Ideas for Your Little Ones

Here at Newbie we have we wanted to share our favourite den building ideas! Whether it’s a rainy indoor play day or if they should venture out in the garden, these ideas create hours of fun for your little ones.


Cosy pink princess den:
 Why not have a go at building the perfect cosy pink princess den? You can use fairy lighting, pink fluffy cousins and woolly blankets to create the ideal pink hide away. Perfect for endless princess games and fun!
Under the bunk bed den:

Have you got a bunk bed? If so, you could try and build your own under the bunk bed den, you would need to gather lots of duvets, teddy’s and story books to create your own little hid away.


Outdoor den:

A great excuse to get outside and play, create your own den out of twigs and leafs. The ideal outdoor activity, to learn though play and a great team building activity for all friends to get involved with.

Cardboard box den:

Have you got a lot of spare cardboard boxes lying around? You could create a sung hide away out of these, a challenging arts and crafts task that little ones can get stuck into.


The DIY den:

Up for a DIY challenge? You could create your own den out of things lying around the house, such as blankets, duvets, cousins and a sofa!

  We hope this can give some inspiration to lots of different types of dens your little ones can have a go at making. With Love, Newbie x