Christmas Card Upcycling

Christmas is over and everyone has a mountain of Christmas cards ready to be thrown away, but we have a better idea! Why not recycle your old Christmas cards? The paper is good quality and can be used for perfect crafting! Here are some ideas for making the best use of the materials in those cards:


  • Use them to make next year’s gift tags. You can cut your Christmas card into a smaller size and use it as your gift tag for next year. This is a great craft idea that children can get involved in and you help with, simply use an old tag as a template and trace the shape onto the Christmas card. Cut it out, bunch a hole at the top and stick on some reinforced rings to strengthen the hole.
  • Reuse the images on the old Christmas card to make your own new Christmas card. Cut out the images you want, sick your favourite images onto a blank card and decorate. These are now ready to be singed for next year.
  • Make your own Christmas bunting. You can cut out shapes from your old Christmas cards, thread them onto a piece of sting and then hang them around your home, perfect for your next year’s Christmas decorations!
  • Create your own paper chains. Relatively easy; cut your card into equally sized stripes and loop them into one another by using a stapler.
  • Framed displays. Swap out your usual photos for some seasonal greeting cards to make your holiday decorations even more festive for next year.


We hope you have lots of fun creating new pieces with your old Christmas cards.


With Love, Newbie x