Baby's first Christmas

Are you planning your baby’s first Christmas, or perhaps thinking about what gift to give a baby you know? In this Christmas guide we have collected everything you might need to brighten up your and your baby’s first holiday together.

How to decorate the nursery

Most people places great emphasis on decorating the living room and the rest of the house but forget about the nursery. Why not decorate with cute Christmas curtains, make the crib with new bedding and add some cozy lighting for the little one to enjoy? If it sparkles or shines, it will most likely get your little one's attention. However, make sure the decorations are out of the baby's reach.

Send out personal Christmas cards

Do you dare to admit how many pictures you have already taken of your little darling? Who wouldn’t appreciate homemade greetings with a picture of the adorable little one before the holiday? We know we would.

Create the first family traditions

A new family member enables new family traditions. From now on, Christmas can be exactly how you wish it to be. A nice tradition can be to get a beautiful box or embroidered bag for the little one's presents, which can be used year after year. Or to dress up the whole family in new matching pyjamas the night before Christmas Eve, and enjoy a hot cup of chocolate together. It's entirely up to you. One item worth investing in is a gorgeous Christmas stocking that your little one can keep for years to come.

Baby’s first Christmas Gift

Christmas Gifts for a 0-4 months old baby

When a few months old, food, sleep, care and security are the most important things in life. But presents can nevertheless be appreciated. Apart from soft, cuddly clothes our baby’s fist Christmas gift ideas are soft toys, bit toys, rattles and comfy blankets.

5 Christmas gift ideas for newborns:

  • Snuff bunny blanket
  • Soft toy
  • Cute rattle
  • Exciting hanging mobile
  • Cuddly muslin blankets

Gifts for a 5-8 months old baby

A 5-month-old baby often likes things he or she can feel and taste - and maybe something that rustles a bit excitingly? Here are ideas for presents for a 5-8 months old baby.

5 Christmas gifts ideas for the 5-8 months old:

  • Interesting picture book
  • Cute towel for those first baths
  • Soft, knitted blanket
  • Bibs for those first tasting portions
  • Fun wooden blocks

Presentsfor a 9-12 months old baby

For the baby that is eager to stand - or maybe already have taken those first wobbling steps. They grow up so fast, but who gets too old for Christmas presents?

5 Christmas ideas for a 9-12 months old baby:

  • Cozy reading tent
  • Soft bedding set, when sleeping in one’s own bed
  • And matching bedding set for the best friend
  • Cute, woody partner in crime
  • Booties for little cold feet

One last thing...

Don't forget to capture the moments with plenty of photos! And feel free to tag some cute pictures with #newbielovers on Instagram, it brightens our working days.

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