Three children's jackets and how to style them

Newbie's wonderful outerwear offers all the practicality you need for outdoor play. In this blog post we highlight three different jackets and explain the advantages of these, as well as how you best style them. Let's go out and play already!

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1) The teddy jacket

The teddy jacket is a favourite when summer comes to an end, the leaves begin to fall and the cool breezes blow in. Also known as pile jacket, it is soft and cuddly and provides warmth. This kind of jacket is not optimal for rainy days, although the synthetic material dries quickly. Let your little darling wear the teddy jacket with trousers and sneakers, or boots, beanie and mittens if the temperature drops. And who can resist a hood with cute fluffy ears?

2) The quilted jacket

Like the teddy jacket, the quilted jacket is suitable for late summer and early autumn. Days that are cool but do not offer too much precipitation. A quilt is a multi-layered textile, usually composed of three layers of fabric with a filling material. This makes the jacket warm yet flexible, and allows for play and adventure. Style the quilted jacket with trousers and sneakers or boots. A knitted beanie and warm mittens is also a good idea.

3) The padded jacket

A padded or lined, water repellent jacket is a must as the temperature starts to drop further, and the days may offer play out in the snow. Keep your little one warm and protected from the cold with one of our winter jackets. A hood with a fake fur collar offers additional protection from icy winds. Together with a pair of lined shell pants, boots, beanie and gloves - and your darling is ready for the sledging park.

Fluorocarbon-free impregnation

Our water-repellent jackets are impregnated with fluorocarbon-free impregnation that is safe for the environment and human health.

Among the substances we have banned in our manufacturing are the perfluorinated compounds (PFAS) that were once used as standard to give garments a water-repellent finish.

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With Love,
Newbie x