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Bluewater Buggy Walk

Hi to all you Newbie Lovers!
We at Bluewater are so excited to announce that we've teamed up with Lianne from Baby Mine Fitness and we’ll be hosting a Mummy Meet Up Buggy Walk every Wednesday. A great opportunity for you to meet fellow Newbie Lovers, get some fresh air and, of course in true Swedish style, a complimentary coffee.

Bluewater has over 50 acres of beautiful landscaped parkland with nature trails and extra wide paths (literally created so mums can push buggies whilst still chatting side by side)! The parkland and lakes surrounding Bluewater host an award winning Nature Trail which is great fun for the little ones. The 45 minute trail is packed with wildlife and scenery from The Bluewater Beach to The Mosaic Tunnel, plus a children’s play area and swan lake.

Whether you’re coming on your own or bringing some pals it’s a great excuse to meet like-minded-mums, share tips and tricks while getting some fresh air. So come along, every Wednesday to Newbie Bluewater at 1pm.

Join the event on Facebook for updates and invite your friends too! 


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