Travelling with kids ✈️

With the Bank Holiday just around the corner and kid’s half-term only days away we’re exploring ways to make travelling with kids as comfortable as possible by answering some of the most popular questions when it comes to the topic - travelling with kids. 

What if they get sick? What if they can’t sleep? What if they get hungry?
There is so much to think about when you’re going away with the little ones that the best advice we can give is to plan, pack and be over prepared.

What to pack in your hand luggage when travelling with kids?
  1. Wet wipes (lots of them!)
  2. Nappies and nappy cream
  3. Healthy snacks (raisins, crackers, string cheese, cut up fruit and veggies)
  4. Water bottle (to refill after security)
  5. Sippy cups
  6. Games
  7. Their favourite cuddly toy
  8. Colouring book and pencils
  9. iPad and headphones with at least 2 hours of their favourite show or film downloaded
  10. An extra change of clothes
  11. Blankets
  12. Bibs
  13. Medicine
  14. Hard candy (only for children 4 and up for take-off and landing to help with ear pain)
What’s the best hand luggage for parents?

Our top picks are backpacks for comfort or Trunk's to let little ones play on-the-go.

What if my kid starts acting up while travelling?

If your little one starts screaming in the car or plane, think “could they be tired, bored or hungry?” These are the main culprits of any tantrum.

How can I keep my kids entertained while travelling?
Free and easy games like I-Spy are always a favourite on the road or if you’re flying, make sure to pack toys, games and a tablet.