Fight the Fuss with our Foodie Tips for Little Ones

We know what it’s like; you’ve been through the weaning stage and your little one has been happily eating and trying everything but before you know it, you’ve found yourself with a fussy eater and now you want to break the cycle of ‘no’. 


We’ve got some tips and tricks that we’ve picked up from our Newbie Lovers community, that might help your little ones rediscover their love of all foods: 

First up, get your kids involved in cooking - bring them into the kitchen with you and make them part of the process. Show them what you’re doing, what’s going into their meals and how it’s made so that they see it as a fun activity that they’re involved in.

Try to eat together as a family. This one can be tricky if your children eat early, but if you can make the timings work it really helps your little ones follow your example of eating and enjoying everything on their plates.

Jazz up your veggies! We love steamed vegetables, but sometimes adding some seasoning and other flavours can make the world of difference to little ones who have decided they don’t - and won’t - eat green food. Herbs and spices are the perfect way to make these a little more exciting; why not try making corn, kale and herb fritters or some green beans with soy and garlic to add some excitement to those greens.
Most importantly, don’t stop trying, keep giving your little ones lots of variety on their plates to encourage them to enjoy new flavours and find their foodie favourites.  

With love, Newbie x

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