Holidays At Home

With restrictions on travel not looking to change too much many of us will be spending our summer holidays at home. Always a good source for inspiration and information, we have found Pinterest to be a great platform for parents to use when searching for summer holidays ideas that can be experienced without the use of a plane, train, or automobile. 


And look no further than your back garden for your next holiday destination. We’ve pulled together some fun holiday inspired activities from Pinterest along with recommendations from the Newbie team that are sure to keep the whole family entertained.
Don’t forget to pack that sun cream, it’s going to be a hot one! 


Water Balloon Piñatas
If you’re looking for a summer outdoor activity that will cool everyone off quickly, this is the one! Everyone loves the idea of playing with water balloons and this piñata takes it to the next level. 
The piñata is really quite simple to make. All you need to do is tie up some strong rope between two branches or posts you have outdoors. Fill balloons with water and then tie those to your rope using some more strong string. Then send the kids out to find sticks that are sturdy and long enough to use as the “hitters” of the balloon. Or you can use a bat you already have at home.
(Just try to find sticks that they can easily swing that aren’t going to give little ones splinters.)


Outdoor Film Night
Kids have spent a lot of time away from their friends and extended families recently. Which is why we loved this idea of bringing them and their friends together for a film night but in a fun, socially distanced way
The best way to set up an outdoor cinema is by using an outdoor film screen and projector, which can be found easily online. There are also lots of nifty projectors that can be connected to your phone and instead of an actual screen, you can use a white sheet or blank wall to project onto
The fun part comes with the price of admission. The price being to design and bring your own cardboard car to sit and watch the film in. Anything goes and it’s fun to see what little ones create when it's left up their own imagination. has some great examples of rainbow cars and dinosaur trucks! All you need is a large cardboard box and some paint.
When everyone arrives make sure all the cars are ‘parked’ at least two metres apart. It may be easier to ask parents of your little one’s friends to pack their own film snacks just to be extra careful. 


Camping in Lake Garda or Camping in  À La Garden?
You don’t need to go any further than your own home in order to recreate that festival feeling. Take the little ones camping this week and set up tents in the back garden. Play your family favourite Spotify playlist, chuck on those wellies and have a fun time dancing in the moonlight. Go that extra mile by hanging bunting and cooking dinner on a camping stove. Don't forget the marshmallows, they make the perfect partner for a night under the stars. 
Island 'Home' Hopping 
A great one to do if the rain decides to pay a visit. Turn your home into the holiday of a lifetime by converting each room into a different destination.
Hop around the Islands of Home. Start off your day in the kitchen, enjoying a buffet of fresh fruits and pastries. Then take the train to the garden, where a palm tree lined pool party awaits you and your little ones. Stop off for lunch at the five star 'Living Room Café' where Mum and Dad will be serving a delicious tapas lunch. Rest those weary feet and finish the day in the 'Bedroom Bar' where holiday themed mocktails will be served with a film. 
Happy Holidays!
With love,
Newbie x