How to Choose a Christening Dress

Choosing a christening dress or gown to you child's baptism is a memorable occasion. Some families may have a family-inherited gown that is used for this special life event. For other families, this might be a good opportunity to start a family tradition with a new beautiful one. In this post we wish to guide you in the search for the perfect dress for your little darling.

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Christening Dress or Christening Gown?

Christening gown is used to describe traditional gowns that are between 28-36 inches in length. Christening dress, however, is often used for shorter dresses that only go to the toes or mid-calf. Christening gowns are more suitable for younger children, since they are too long to walk in for a toddler.

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Can Boys Wear Gowns?

Yes, they can. Traditionally christening gowns were worn by both boys and girls. For example, the British Royal Family follows the tradition of christening their children, both boys and girls, in a family heirloom gown.

A good idea is to choose a simple unisex gown, if you wish passing the gown down to future family members. Unisex gowns are crafted in such a way so that they will look good on both girls and boys. Often gowns come with a bow that can be in different colours, such as blue, pink or white. It’s also common to match the dress with a bonnet for girls and a hat for boys.

Choice of Fabric

It is important to consider the fabric that your christening dress or gown is made of. Fibres that are well suited for a christening dress or gowns are cotton, silk and linen. Natural fibres that are comfortable to the child’s skin. If you live in a hot climate you may want to consider dresses or gowns that have short sleeves and if you live in a cold climate you may want to consider a cosy blanket to help keep your newborn warm.

How to Style a Christening Dress or Gown

Adding accessories can protect the christening dress or gown, and make it more personal. Look at the list below for tips. It is also common to embroider the child's name and the date of baptism into the gown.

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