A magical midsummer dream

This year’s Swedish midsummer festivities may not be quite like those of other years, but we can all still find plenty of ways in which to celebrate the occasion. No matter which midsummer or summer season you’re celebrating, the arrival of warm, sunny days always provides the perfect opportunity to dress yourself and the children in delightful new summer outfits.

Our Newbie Team has put together a wonderful collection of dresses, shorts, shirts and adorable accessories for babies and children. And, of course, the same patterns recur in matching clothes for Mum, as well. Even if your midsummer celebrations may be a little muted this year, this childrenswear collection is perfect for all sorts of other special occasions and, not least, for all the many delightful ordinary days of summer.

Get your little girl or young lady ready to shine in the sun in this pretty, floral-patterned summer dress. It’s great teamed up with the matching sun hat or maybe a white hair band.

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midsummer_newbiestore_boyMake sure, too, that your little boy or young man is also able to welcome the summer in style. Kit him out in this charming summer shirt in a pattern to match your outfit and that of his siblings, and pair it with stylish navy blue shorts.

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We hope we can inspire you to enjoy the summer together with us at Newbie.
We wish you a happy summer!

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Midsummer Eve, a Swedish tradition
Every year Swedes celebrate Midsummer on a Friday in the middle of June. It is one of Sweden’s most important and iconic holidays after Christmas. An opportunity to welcome the arrival of summer, dance around the maypole and get together with family and friends around a table laden with summer delicacies. Although this year’s celebrations will be a little different from what we are all used to, here at Newbie we would like to share with you some of the most important ingredients in a traditional Swedish midsummer.

1) Midsummer food
The classic midsummer menu usually includes different types of pickled herring, crispbread and fresh butter, new potatoes and, of course, fresh strawberries and whipped cream. Swedish snaps (or aquavit) is often drunk as an accompaniment to the food, and traditional drinking songs such as “Helan går” are sung at the table.

2) Midsummer maypole
This is probably the largest, most evident and most important element in Swedish midsummer celebrations. The maypole, a tall pole with a crosspiece near the top, is decorated with flowers and greenery. Young and old join hands to dance around the maypole and sing medleys of traditional songs.

3) Midsummer wreaths
Wearing a midsummer floral wreath in your hair is a popular tradition in Sweden among both children and adults on Midsummer Eve. The flowers should ideally be freshly picked wild flowers, which are numerous in the Swedish countryside at this time of year. Some people save their wreath for a while after Midsummer as a decoration.

4) 7 sorts of flowers
If you want to know who you will marry, then this piece of Swedish folklore may be something for you. According to tradition, you should pick seven or nine different sorts of flowers on Midsummer Night and place them under your pillow in bed. Then, when you go so sleep, you will dream of the husband or wife that fate has in store for you.