Five Swedish Christmas Traditions

With Christmas around the corner, here at Newbie we wanted to share some of our favourite festive Swedish traditions that everyone can get involved in whether you’re Swedish or not!

1. Julafton
Unlike many other countries, the Swedish Christmas takes place on the 24th December on Christmas Eve and Swedish Julafton is a time to get together, eat lots of yummy food & open presents. The festivities often begin early afternoon when everyone gathers together, this is then followed by dinner or Julbord, before the visit from Santa himself. The day is then wrapped up with present opening and quality time with the people you love.
2. Julbord
Julbord is a buffet style dinner for all to eat, there is everything from Christmas ham or turkey and meatballs!
3. Saffron Bun
Over the Christmas period every Swedish person devours a Saffron Bun or sometimes called Lussekatt, the bun is a regular sweet wheat bun with a taste of saffron and raisins. The bun is curled to a prefect  S-shape before being put into the oven. This is a definite for a Swedish Christmas and it’s incredibly delicious!
4. Attend a Lucia procession
One of the biggest Christmas celebrations in Sweden is St. Lucia’s day. The most common story told about St. Lucia, is she was a young Christian girl who was martyred for her faith, in 304. In Sweden during the morning of 13th December young Swedish girl’s celebrate St. Lucia by dressing in white dresses, with candles and sing to audiences at schools & work places
5. Santa Claus
In Sweden Santa Claus is no stranger, he’s been in the Swedish Traditional culture for many years and it’s very common to leave out a bowl of rice pudding on the front porch for him to eat.

With love,
Newbie x