How to get your kids ready for school

Back-to-school season is right around the corner, and it’s time to start preparing the school supply list with everything your toddlers will need. In this blog post we help you with the preparations, whether your child is a new nursery student or a first-time primary school student.

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Remember your first day of school? The schoolbag that was repacked a few times over, the pencils that were sharpened to perfection, the books wrapped in beautiful wrapping paper? The first day of school is filled with expectations, and nervousness. Let us guide you on how to best prepare your toddler for the first day of school.

1) The Schoolbag
First things first. A good, functional backpack that fits well and holds everything your little loved one might need during the school day is a must. The bike-friendly backpack encourages adventures on the way home from school, and a reflex is needed, especially when the days are getting shorter.

Packing a backpack is not always a child's play. Here're some useful tips on how to pack your backpack:
  • Place the heaviest things at the bottom, closest to the back.
  • Roll the clothes instead of folding them, that way they take up less space.
  • Place the lunch box in a separate compartment, or wrap it so that food does not leak out.
  • Place the water bottle empty in the outer pocket, it can be filled up at school.
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    2) The Outfit

    School Uniform:
    The specific uniform that you will need for your toddler will depend upon the school that they attend. Visit the school's website or speak to the school directly for a specific list.

    General shopping list for school uniform:
    • Tops, 5 pairs
    • Trousers or skirts, 3-5 pairs
    • School blazer and coat
    • Cardigans or jumpers, 4-5 pairs
    • Shoes, 1-2 pairs
    • School tie and other accessories
    No school uniform:
    A school day can feel long and offer everything from intense hours in the school desk to play and adventures in the schoolyard. Comfortable toddler clothes are therefore preferred. The very first day of school is an occasion when favourite garments can be taken out of the wardrobe. Why not surprise your little darling with a new favourite piece of clothing?

    What to wear on non uniform day:
    • Soft leggings, t-shirt, a warming cardigan or sweater and boots
    • Joggers with matching sweatshirt and sneakers
    • Dress, warming knitwear, leggings or tights underneath if it's chilly and matching shoes
    • Skirt and top or sweater, leggings or tights underneath and matching shoes
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      3) The Outerwear
      Even if the weather report looks promising in the morning, the weather can be unpredictable. Outerwear that can withstand the elements is therefore a good idea to invest in before school starts. Water-repellent jackets, shell clothing and wellington boots do the trick. A warm comforting layer, such as a fleece sweater or toddler teddy coat is great for colder days. We have the toddler outerwear you need.

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      4) The Accessories
      Take the opportunity to fill the drawer with new underwear and socks for the new semester. A pair of leggings or tights is also needed underneath a dress or skirt, if it’s cold outside. As the temperature drops, warming accessories are essential in the wardrobe. Mittens, gloves, scarfs and toddler winter hats, also known as beanies. If you're looking for that little something extra, headbands and toddler hair accessories are a cute, popular detail to an otherwise basic outfit.

      5) The Shoes
      Let form meet function - select shoes that keep your child's feet warm and dry but at the same time promote play and activity. A pair of sneakers in a quick-drying, functional material with flexible Velcro straps is a good choice. Also invest in a pair of nice slippers or booties that your toddler can wear indoors.

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      Back to school checklist, 5 must haves in the school bag:

      • Notebooks and pencil case with pencils, pencil sharpener, eraser, ruler etc.
      • Lunch box, snack box and water bottle
      • Warming garments such as a beanie, scarf, gloves or mittens
      • A change of clothes, including socks
      • Rain gear/rain clothes
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      With Love,
      Newbie x