Spring Activities for Children

Seeking kids' activities for this spring? Explore our top five picks crafted to embrace the warmer weather, encouraging your little ones to enjoy the great outdoors while learning about nature!

spring activities

1. Crafting your own bubbles

Crafting your own bubbles is a breeze! Simply blend one part dish soap with six parts water, stirring gently to prevent foam. Introduce a teaspoon of glycerine, sugar, or corn syrup to thicken the mixture. Voilà! For jumbo bubbles, whip up the concoction in a paddling pool and use a hula hoop.

2. Grow your own vegetables

Is your child not a fan of eating their vegetables? Get them involved in growing their own by selecting a sunny spot in the garden, or indoors on the window sill, filling a pot with soil or potting compost, sowing the seeds, and then all you need to do is add water. Our top picks for little gardeners are strawberries, tomatoes, and potatoes.

3. Create a nature-themed scavenger hunt

Looking to get your little one outdoors? Craft an A4 sheet with 8-10 things they might find in the garden, such as a smooth leaf, a prickly leaf, a daisy, a clover, a ladybird, a snail, a small bird, and a feather. For an added touch of creativity, invite your little one to draw each item before heading outside.

4. Craft a magical potion using flowers and leaves from the garden

Does your child have a fascination with witches and wizards? Encourage their creativity by letting them concoct their own magic potion. Have them pick a jar, fill it with water, flowers, leaves, and bits from the garden. Swirl the magic potion together in the jar, utter some enchanting words, and let them pour the potion over the garden flowers to make them flourish.

5. Pressing flowers

Spark your kids' enthusiasm for flowers and plants with a DIY nature notebook! Have them choose their favorite flowers from the garden, place them on parchment paper inside a notebook, close the book, weigh it down, and leave it undisturbed for 10 days. Afterward, glue the pressed flowers into the notebook and label each plant.

Why is outdoor play essential for children?

Outdoor play contributes significantly to a child’s personal development, fostering aspects such as risk-taking, fine and gross motor skills, and outdoor knowledge. Additionally, it provides a health boost by encouraging physical exercise, crucial in today’s digital age.

We trust you found this list beneficial. Do you plan on trying any of our spring-themed activities with your children?

Happy Easter, Love,
Newbie x