Hospital Bag Checklist

Packing your hospital bag is a comforting ritual that signals the imminent arrival of your baby. There's no definitive list of items to pack, but we're delighted to offer our top tips to assist you in organising and preparing your hospital bag, ensuring your initial days as a new mother are both smooth and comfortable. And if you're pondering two words to guide your choices, consider: soft and practical.

Hospital bag checklist for mum:

  • Comfortable, breastfeeding-friendly clothes that aren't too tight.
  • Breastfeeding bras and soft underwear for postpartum, considering that the stomach won't disappear immediately.
  • Comfortable slippers or flip-flops for walking around the hospital.
  • A lightweight robe or dressing gown for easy layering and coverage.
  • Breast pads to avoid leakage stains on clothes.
  • Nipple cream for sore nipples.
  • A small toiletry kit with travel-sized essentials for freshening up.
  • Favourite snacks and drinks (energy replenishment is needed).
  • Mobile phone charger.
  • Earphones if you want to listen/watch something after childbirth and everyone else in the room is asleep.
  • Wallet with identification.
  • Birth plan (if you've written one).
  • Muslin squares or burp cloths for wiping up spills, protecting clothing while breastfeeding, or using as a makeshift blanket or cover for the baby.
  • A peri bottle used for cleansing the perineal area after childbirth, providing comfort and hygiene during the postpartum recovery process.
  • A going-home outfit for yourself that is loose-fitting and comfortable.

Remember to tailor your hospital bag to your own preferences and needs, ensuring you have everything to make your birthing experience as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

Baby hospital bag checklist:

  • Wrap-around bodysuits (for easier diaper changes).
  • Trousers with cuffs or jumpsuits.
  • Footed pyjamas.
  • Socks for tiny feet.
  • Cosy baby blanket or swaddle.
  • Thin hat for indoor wear.
  • Baby mittens to prevent scratching.
  • Outerwear for going home (adapted to the weather).
  • Bottle and formula (if you know you don't want/can't breastfeed).
  • Dummy/pacifier can be handy to have on standby.
  • Diapers and other essentials are available at the hospital, but remember to pack your own if you want something specific.

Additional Tips for the Maternity Ward:

  • Bring a baby car seat if you're travelling home by car.
  • Baby sling or carrier (in case your partner needs to step out for a while and you're alone with the baby in the maternity ward).
  • It's a good idea for your partner to bring along the essentials to stay at the hospital if needed, avoiding the need to go home and fetch things.

When it comes to packing your hospital bag, Author and Midwife Clemmie Hooper says “you must think about the three W's: What’s it for? Who’s it for? When’s it for? The answer is it’s a bag of essentials for YOU, YOU’RE in labour”, so forget about packing your baby’s entire wardrobe however cute it may be.

With this in mind, Newbie has teamed up with a few of its Newbie Lovers to share some of the most popular #NewbieMamaTips.

Newbie shares its Top 10 hospital items:

  • Bring a couple of home comforts such as a pillow and familiar home items.
  • Lavender oil is a real all-rounder and the perfect essential oil for massage during labour.
  • A hot water bottle or wheat bag are good to relieve pressure and help you relax.
  • A head band or hair tie to help keep your hair off face when feeling a little hot.
  • Comfy clothes are key – think loose fitting, soft materials and maybe a buttoned shirt for when you get a little warm, so you can cool down easily.
  • Facial moisture spray and lip balm for when you need a refresh – if you can keep the face spray in the fridge before you go, it’ll make it even more refreshing.
  • Earplugs, the post-natal ward is notoriously noisy with babies crying so they might help you catch a few seconds sleep.
  • Get a couple of playlists ready on your phone and be sure to include songs that make you feel happy, safe and calm – maybe pop a couple of tracks on there that make you feel like you can take on the world!
  • Prepare your snacks, whether you think you’ll need chocolate or something healthy make sure you have your favourites prepared. Dark chocolate is actually a great snack to have to hand too, as it’s full of iron.
  • Final top tip: lay all the contents out on the bed before packing so you and your partner know exactly where everything is and feel confident it’s all in the bag.

With Love,
Newbie x