Newbie's Favourite Family Podcasts

You’ve read Mega Magic Hair Swap and the Gruffalo ten times over. You know the words to every song in Moana and The Octonauts are taking over your television screen. As we head into another week at home, perhaps it’s time to explore the wonderful world of podcasts?

Here at Newbie we’re big fans of podcasts and have found them to be both calming and inspiring during these uncertain times. With engaging hosts and entertaining stories, podcasts can be great tools in which to teach kids about history, nature and science and can even help little ones with building up their vocabulary. 

The best podcasts for kids are often the ones that get them (and you) involved in some way, whether that’s shouting out answers, engaging their imagination or submitting questions. Podcasts can offer the same level of engagement as screen based activities without worrying about children staring at a screen all day. 

You can take a podcast anywhere too! You can listen to them in the kitchen, on a drive, wrapped up on the sofa or even when walking around the supermarket. Best of all, most podcasts are free!

We’ve listed a few of our favourites below but we’d love to hear what podcasts you enjoy listening to and why by visiting our Facebook page and sharing your top family podcasts. 

For All The Family


Once Upon a Time in Zombieville

Something strange is taking place in a local mine and tycoon Voom Buckstop claims all is well, but then, why wouldn’t he? Can heroes Jamie and Sam save the town from imminent zombification? This award winning sci-fi podcast has lots of laughs and is aimed at 9-12 year olds, but we enjoy it too. Action packed and a great soundtrack!

Smash Boom Best

Chocolate vs. cheese. Pizza vs. tacos. Dogs vs. cats. This podcast isn't afraid to tackle hard this-or-that choices. Families can discuss the options among themselves, then see what the podcast debaters have to say.

Story Pirates

Stories by children are brought to life by adult actors, comedians and musicians who understand our kids’ fun and crazy ideas. Stories include The Worldwide Race of Worst Cars and How to Make a Basketball Plant. Entertaining for all.

Extra Blurt

Another one for all the family, families are encouraged to shout out their answers and take part in challenges during this audio trivia game show. Each episode has a different theme, from sea to space, so yourself and the kids might pick up some nuggets of knowledge. For younger children there is also ExtraBLURT, Jr. 

Dream Big

7 year old Eva and her mum interview celebrities, award winners and experts in a range of fields each week, with a hope of encouraging young people to find their passion and follow their dreams. The duo and big-name guests make this a fun podcast for kids and parents to listen to together.

For Kids

Noodle Loaf

A musical-themed podcast that is all about teaching kids the wonderful world of science. It has silly songs that are educational and each episode is only ten minutes each, so perfect for younger children with shorter attention spans. 


Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls

For older children, this podcast is just what it sounds like. It features short bios of strong women throughout history and is narrated by some seriously cool rebel girls such as Melinda Gates, Pamela Adlon and Priscilla Chan.

Circle Round

Children love myths, fairy tales and folktales, but sometimes they can be a little heavy for young ears. Circle Round selects folktales from around the world that are friendly and inclusive. Created by parents for children ages 4 to 10, it’s released weekly and may feature some famous voices that you’ll be sure to recognise! 

Becoming Mother Nature

A podcast aimed at kids between 8 and 12, Becoming Mother Nature tells the story of tweenage Chloe, who discovers she has unexplained powers. It turns out her grandmother is Mother Nature and she has to start learning how to take over the family business. 

But Why?

A phrase we are all familiar with. “But why is it that shape? But why does it taste like that? But why can’t I have another one?” The But Why podcast hosted by Jane Lindhold is here to help and fosters your kid’s curiosity by tackling the questions few of us have the answer to, such as “Why do the leaves change colour?” to the more complicated “Who invented words?”. The topics are always from actual children who can submit questions using the voice note feature on a smartphone. 

What If World

Another burning question, what if? What if dinosaurs were still around? What if mermaids could turn into robots? This podcast turns our kid’s craziest questions into stories that can incorporate everything from never ending bowls of ice cream to cats who take over the world. 


If your kids (and partner) like telling jokes, they will love the ones shared on this podcasts by hosts Hillary and Larry. Each episode offers a side tickling selection of knock-knock jokes, puns and riddles. 

Peace Out Podcast

For young yogis, we find it's never too early to teach little ones how to be more mindful, especially given the current times we live in and the access to technology they have now. Peace Out is a short stories podcast for kids that can help children find calm at the end of each day. Each episode takes the listener through visualisations of basic feelings such as anxiety, fear and jealousy. These are then paired with easy breathing exercises to help prepare everyone for a peaceful and restful bedtime. 

We hope you enjoy some of our recommendations and we can’t wait to hear some of your favourite podcasts. 

Love Newbie x