The Top 10 Swedish Baby Names for Boys and Girls

Choosing a baby name is a task almost as difficult as choosing your favourite Newbie dress. However, if you are in a bit of a pickle, we got you covered on both fronts. We have put together a list of our favourite Swedish and Scandinavian boys and girls names. Just as a caveat to the list: we won’t be upset if you call them “Newbie” either. Just saying.

Funny enough, the most popular Swedish boy names are not too different from those in the UK, with William, Liam, Oliver and Charlie coming up high in rankings year after year Without further ado, here are our favourite five Swedish baby boy names ideas for 2018: instead.

Pronunciation: AKS - el
Meaning: Father of peace

Pronunciation: B - yorn
Meaning: Bear

Pronunciation: Lay - F
Meaning: Heir, descendent

Pronunciation: Loo – k - uz
Meaning: Brings light

Oskar or Oscar
Pronunciation: aOS – Kaar
Meaning: Friend

In terms of girls’ baby names, the similarities between the UK and Sweden are still here. Firm favourites are Alice, Lilly, Olivia and Julia which come up high in rankings every year. Our top five Swedish baby girl name ideas for 2018 are:

Pronunciation: AHL -ma
Meaning: Kind

Pronunciation: An – ne – li
Meaning: A graceful meadow

Pronunciation: EHL – sa
Meaning: Truth. It also used to be the pet name for Elizabeth but has since become famous from Disney film Frozen.

Freja or Freya
Pronunciation: FRAY - a
Meaning: Lady, noblewoman

Pronunciation: MY - a
Meaning: Splendid

Now, we can’t advise on the method of choosing a baby name out of all the above, but when in doubt, you can always “eeny, meeny, miny,moe”-it. It’s not like anyone will ever know.

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