Valentine's Day crafts

Valentine's Day reminds us to show our loved ones and little ones just how adored they are. And it has got to be the funniest holiday for the kids to do crafts and activities. You can never go overboard with too many hearts!
Stuck on ideas for what to do for Valentine's Day with the kids? We've got it covered.

1. Make memorable meals - heart-shaped food? Yes, please!
2. Tuck little love notes into backpacks, lunch boxes and pockets for your kids to find throughout the day.

3. Get crafty! Get the kids to help you make heart-shaped paper chains

4. And they will love sponge art painting and heart shaped soaps!         

5. Host a special tea party for favourite friends, real or imaginary. Serve finger sandwiches with strawberry jam and your heart-shaped cookies, or try these scrumptious heart-shaped brownies

6. Snuggle in for family film night with your favourite themed film - 'Beauty and the Beast', 'The Lady and The Tramp' or 'Ever After' 

7.  Share the love - create home-made Valentine's for Mums and Dads, siblings and grandparents, or even a neighbour or friend who might not have someone to celebrate with

8. And if you really want an extra something to spoil your little one, you can't go wrong with our favourite heart embroidered leggings.

P.s Make sure to come on down to our Richmond and Kingston stores this weekend where we will have Valentine's card-making stations for added shopping fun until Tuesday 14th. We spoil you.