Newbie designs: from sketch to print

We care about sustainability 🌍

To us, part of that means creating designs that will not age, and neutral shades and prints that can be worn by both girls and boys, making beautiful preloved Newbie hand-me-downs for the future.

Newbie's magical patterns & prints feature everything from farmyards and rose gardens, to man's best friend, fairytale dreamers and of course the iconic fox and badger. All hand-drawn by Newbie’s very own print designer Karolina Persson.

Each one of our unique patterns is created by Karolina and the design team who spend hours drawing, designing and doodling to come up with all of the prints you will find today. 

So how do the prints come about?

Karolina explains: “Before each collection, Newbie designer Sofia puts together the trends, colours and feel that she wants it to capture. Sometimes she has an idea of prints; sometimes it’s more open. When we had the forest theme, for example, I decided I wanted to draw a bunch of other forest life, like mushrooms. Once the outer framework has been set, I sit down and start drawing.”

The unique, hand-drawn aspect, she believes, is a big part of why Newbie is so loved today. Take a look at some of our most popular designs here.