Midsummer London 2018

It’s almost Midsummer, one of the most widely celebrated events in the Swedish calendar for families of all ages. Never heard of Midsummer? Keep reading for answers to all of your Midsummer questions. 
First thing’s first: when is Midsummer?

The Swedes celebrate Midsummer Eve which is always a Friday that falls between 19 and 25 June but celebrations usually run for the whole weekend.
What is Midsummer?

Traditionally, Midsummer marked the start of the summer and Midsummer Night was always the lightest and most magical evening of the year.
Since the 1500s farmers used to decorate their houses with foliage, they raised tall leafy maypoles covered in flowers in their gardens which they would dance around and they created Midsummer bonfires.
What do the Swedish eat and drink on Midsummer?

The menu hasn’t changed much since the start of Midsummer celebrations when they would enjoy a feast of herring and schnapps. 
How do the Swedes celebrate Midsummer?

Today, Swedish families head over to their summer houses to celebrate the weekend. It normally starts with picking flowers to make wreaths and flower crowns. A Midsummer feast of pickled herring, new potatoes with dill and grilled fish followed by strawberries and cream for dessert. For adults, schnapps and singing also play a large part in the festivities followed by dancing.
How can I celebrate Midsummer?

This year we’re bringing our Midsummer celebrations to London by hosting Flower Crown Making Workshops in store and offering refreshing strawberries and lemonade.  Our brand-new store on 110-112 Kings Road has partnered with local florist Chelsea Wild to host three flower crown sessions: 11am, 1.30pm & 4pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Email newbiepr@tcs-uk.net to register your interest with your 1st and 2nd choice of slot.
Spaces are strictly limited and are available on a first come, first served basis.
All other locations will be hosting paper flower crown making workshops and offering summer refreshments.
'Glad Midsommar' Newbie Lovers!