Gifts for Newborn

find the perfect gifts for baby's first Christmas, birthday, baby showers, Christening gifts, and more. Adorable presents for tiny boys & girls.

Gifts for Newborn

Newborn gifts are a great way to welcome a tiny baby into the world and show the new parents just how much you care. Whether the newborn is full-term or premature, they are sure to love the soft and comfy items that will make up their very first wardrobe.

Here, you will find a wide range of ideas for baby's 1st birthday, baby's first Christmas, christening gifts and more, to suit every budget and taste. We also have items that’s perfect as baby shower gifts, for a gender reveal party, baptism or naming ceremony.

From onesies to blankets, there are many items that are perfect for a baby's delicate skin. During the baby's first year, they will go through many changes, both physically and emotionally. With this in mind, it is important to choose items that are not only cute and adorable, but also practical and functional as presents. For example, soft and cuddly stuffed animals make great companions, while a cozy blanket can provide comfort and security.

When shopping for newborn gifts, consider items that will grow with the baby, such as adjustable clothing or multi-functional toys. Newbie's bodysuits with an extra row of poppers at the crotch gives the little one extra room to grow. 

Consider items that will encourage development, such as wooden toys and staple blocks. These items can not only help the baby to reach their milestones, but they can also provide hours of entertainment and joy. From soft toys that crinkle to mobiles that moves sleepily, there are many items to choose from that will encourage the baby's growth and development.